AH-MAZING, inspiring, hilarious and totally chill is how I would describe the talented embroideress who hosted my first ever embroidery class. Turns out, though I’m an absolute tornado of a mess in most other aspects in my life, I’m a tidy hand embroiderer!

It was interesting to experience what Orsola De Castro spoke about at her School Of Life talk; our lost community of women who once sat together creating with their hand crafts chatting and appreciating eachother’s work and character. There were six woman including me in the class, and though we each had our moments of solidarity, silently appreciating the task literally at hand, there was a murmur of happy conversation throughout the four hour experience.

Laura herself is a uniquely talented but modest woman. She's known for her 'guerrilla embroidery' with her series of idiosyncratic images created using traditional embellishment techniques (which she says she learn't from her mother) and her work has graced the pages of Vogue, just about every catwalk and has embroidered the sh*t out of Sibling & Sister's current collection while regularly working with popular designers including Luella, Giles and Noki through to titles such as V magazine and SHOWstudio. 

I highly recommend Laura Lees' courses to anyone, she’s incredibly encouraging, creative and accepting and it is a truly wonderful experience to have.