1. Listening To: Daughter on repeat, cuz she sounds like a sweet sweet angel.

2. Shopping List: Topshop’s STUNNER shoes, they’re sold out in my size, probably because someone in Hove bought all of them to sell on Ebay for £50.00 above what Topshop sells them for (Hover's gotta eat, right?). They’re haunting my gosh dang dreams though, so I might have to buy them, begrudgingly of course. Slow and steady doesn't always win the race!

3. Fav Thing: I already thought my instagram addiction was bad, then THE blog of all blogs, A Beautiful Mess, launched their own app which allows you to recolour and add words, boarders, doodles and phrases to your pics so you can insta beautify your hot mess posts.

4. Made: a 20s headpiece for Winterwell's Roaring 20s Party at Aynhoe Park this weekend, it’s gonna be the bee’s knees 

5. Investing In: I’ve decided to invest a #FiverOnFriday('s) on my favourite new kickstarter company, it makes me feel this week, Short Stack Editions (Vol.1-3)  

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