The XX Festival – The entire day was amazing, I don’t know how they made triangle clouds of colour above us, and I don’t care. It was a perfect day and one of the bestest concerts I’ve seen. Listen to XX's Angels HERE or watch a vid from their first live performance of 'Together' HERE

Sofar Sounds – I took my sisters and their boyfriends to a Sofar Sounds gig on Wednesday – if you haven’t been to one of their gigs yet, do. If you sign up to their newsletter they’ll email you the dates, you won’t know who is playing or where you’re going until you’ve made the guestlist cut – but I’ve never been disappointed. They have one every night somewhere in the world, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Pattinsonn (or Pettitson as my sister’s boyfriend John affectionately calls him) are fanz (in case you need a celebrity nod to have fun)

Rekorderlig Pop Up – I couldn’t make it to Swedish midsummer in the Archipelago, so the Rekorderlig’s London Pop Up in Victoria Park is a welcome second choice. With handsome Swedish bartenders and pretty girls in Midsummer Crowns serving you rekorderlig ciders, cocktails and korv med bröd, one is instantly transported to Sweden for an evening

Creepy Sonograms – I always thought sonograms showed the shadow of a fetus and that’s it. My sister’s five month sonogram, rather alarmingly, shows the eyeballs, fangs and possible bird flippin’ of my nephew to be. I’ve rightly nicknamed him Lord Voldemort. 

Laura Lees' Embroidery Class – I did a detailed post on this yesterday, but boys and girls, get yourself to one of Larua Lees' embroidery classes, you’d be surprised where your hidden talents lie.