Finally Finished: Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, it took seven-months to read, partially because it’s a mighty thick pack of philosophical paper, and partially because it requires digestion and reflection after each section. Estes beautifully weaves folklore, fairy tales, dream symbols and Jungian theory to explore the phases of women’s lives. I highly recommend this book to everyone, regardless of gender.

Midsommar Make: Unsurprisingly, I made a flower crown, my favourite accessory of any summer event regardless of midsommar/solstice. I’ve got two DIYs, one here and one here. Both will make you want to frolic as the fairies do in a field somewhere. 

Enthusiastic Elizabethan: Tonight there is a Midnight performance of The Taming of the Shrew at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, we bought peasant tickets for ‘the yard’, it should be romantic under the stars should London allow us to see them.  

Sober As A Strawberry: Last weekend we had a BBQ which we stocked full of booze, but as my sister, one of the star guests, is pregnant, so we made a few tasty Pinterest inspired concoctions which we left the booze out of, the Strawberry & Coconut Water was the fan favourite. 

Friday’s Fiver: This week’s it was a donation for #FiverOnFriday went to TheShakespeare Globe Trust, a sort of last minute decision as I purchased tickets for my siblings, friends and I for the show, as I am grateful for such affordable entertainment in such a historical place.