In the wake of the Bangladesh factory collapse which killed 1,000 garment factory workers and injured many more, Offset Warehouse, an eco-friendly, socially conscious textile company, have responded with a simple message on a classic white t-shirt.
The message brings us back to the subject of slow fashion, a movement in which garments are created ethically, on a fair-wage and in a cruelty free environment; the direct opposite of the current culture of fast fashion, which drives the demand for today's culture of cheap, disposable clothing, which is largely made un-ethically and comes with a hidden price tag for the environment and workers in the supply chain.
Most of us are guilty, including myself, of supporting fast fashion - we're addictive little creatures and we have been socialized to BUY! from the moment we exited the womb. It's not our fault, however, our hypocritical empathy won't solve the problem. The only way to see change it is to make change, and the only way to rid ourselves of fast fashion and the negative results of its production is to stop buying it.

Change begins with shuffles; it comes from thinking beyond what is easy, and steering one's sails in a different direction.

You don't have to camp outside parliament, stamp your feet, or even change your ethos, but if this tragic event bothers you, shuffle a bit and think before you buy, and if you'd like to support those that made the gear you're wearing, consider these tees: 

Produced ethically, sustainably and WRAP certified ... these t-shirts don't even cost a fiver (£4.99), plus, all profits go to garment workers worldwide. Proof we can produce cheap goodies without harming fellow humans or the planet on which we reside...

“People aren’t heartless – we were all really shocked by what happened in Dhaka. But what people might not realise is they have the power to bring about massive change, simply by making informed buying choices. We want this campaign to highlight that.” - Charlie Ross, Owner, Offset Warehouse

Get your tee / donate here:

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