I feel very blessed to have so many talented and inspiring friends in my group of homies, so I thought I’d start a slightly cronyistic series about those I love and adore and there many versatile talents, starting with my good friend Kimberly who recycles t-shirts from charity shops to create unique handmade reversible t-toques (beanies/hats) t-bands and t-scarves.

Kim is a multi-talented creative gurl who also makes bathing suits and vintage re-made clothing. I’ve thus far been birthday giftedone of her t-toques and purchased a re-purposed Hudson’s Bay blanket t-scarf the second it hit instagram!

If you’re a liker of recycled/repurposed accessories, these will undoubtedly tickle your fancy - check out her website here: www.t-toques.com you can also find her on etsy, facebook, instagram and twitter.