I call this the Vintage Rainbow Purse; it’s made of black woven leather purse with braided wicker rainbow stripes, gold fastening and gold chain strap. It’s on SALE for $7.00. Not much to dislike about it!

I’ll tell you another story about something with rainbow in its name: My little sister’s middle name is Rainbow. For REALZ. My mum let my eight year-old self and my four year-old sister choose our yet-to-be-born sibling’s middle name.

At the time, both Emma and I had deep obsessions with the source of light and colour on planet earth herself, one Miss Rainbow Brite. We had already decided, regardless of gender and previous to the baby’s arrival, that ‘Rainbow’ would be the only fitting middle name for any child ever.

As fate would have it, the moment our dear mother brought our ginger haired sister into the world, the rain that had accompanied the labour ceased, and a rainbow spread across the sky …. true story …. which means she really should have been called Maya The Unicorn, but alas, such words escaped our vocabulary that day, and she is now, and always will be, Maya Rainbow Rose (and I LOVE her to bits!)

- The End -

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