It's time to play a little game of spot the difference, what is missing in PICTURE 1 that appears in PICTURE 2? I'll tell ya, it's the Chemisette, and I'll let you in on a little secret: before I found this sweater, I had never heard of a Chemisette nor encountered one. To be honest, if I had, I wouldn't have used it, cause I love my miniscule cleavage and tend to run with that whole 'less is more' route in wardrobe land.

BUT, it is always good to learn new words and their meanings, so, prepare to be educated on Chemisettes:  

Chemisette: most popularly worn in the mid-19th century, is an article of clothing worn to fill the front neckline of any garment, giving the appearance of a blouse or shirt without adding bulk to the waist or upper arm (Thanks Wikipedia!)

So now you know, it's a flap of fabric, most likely never to be used in our modern world; however, with this January freeze fest we've got goin' on in the western world, it could come in handy on a cold winter's night ... right?

VINTAGE Collarific Chemisette Cardigan: 
WAS: $45.00
NOW: $15.00