Since returning to the UK, I've epically failed at updating this blog of mine - but times are a changing and it's about to get DIY crazy up in here...starting with this somewhat outdated, but important little number from my latest Swedish adventure.

In June, I was invited to Sweden to partake in the Swedish Midsommar festivities at my friend Magnus' Sommarhus on the stunning Archipelago island of Vårholma Ö.

As I was the only girl there the first night, Magnus' amazing mum and I did a bit of female bonding over flower picking, hippie gossip and crafting, the highlight of which involved her teaching me the ever so Swedish skill of midsommar crown creation (something I'd been hoping to learn how to do for ages).

I enjoyed the process so much I thought I ought to share it - these crowns are perfect for all the summer frolicking one might find themselves doing or festivals one might find themselves at and can be made on the fly without much time or effort!

x TUSEN TACK to Magnus' charming mother for the amazing memories and new found skills x