I'm not a massive fan of having small recycling sorting party on the concrete outside the rubbish area of our flat complex, especially once it's been sitting for a while (rinsed out cans of tuna, I'm talking to you). So, to avoid this, we went on the hunt for some stacking bins to space save and organize all at once. Much to our shock, horrer and dismay, we couldn't find (affordable) bins that matched our black and white colour scheme, so we bought the cheapest ones we could find and re-worked em' to our liking. Here is what we did and how you can do it too:

Stacking bins (we got ours from Argos)
Plastic Spray
Chalkboard Paint

      HOW TO
      1. Spray the lids of the stacking bins with the black plastic spray
      2. When the spray paint is dry, paint the display area of the lid with chalkboard pain
      3. Once the chalkboard paint is dry write on the chalkboard bit and start recycling like a good human