Since returning from my travels, the lovely friendship bracelets and charms I picked up along the way, which looked so nice against my sun kissed skin, have become tattered and sad looking against the special shade of see-through the English weather has reduced my tone to.

I've been avoiding dealing with the situation since I arrived, but this weekend one of them committed bracelet suicide, dramatically snapping apart in slow motion and falling heavily to the floor with a (really quiet) clang, startling everyone. Luckily, I was in Top Shop to browse the sale racks (as you do when you've been semi-retired for almost six months) and upon arrival, found a bracelet that would solve the issue at hand. So, I did what any broke shopaholic would do, I justified spending £8.10 on a bracelet which, with the help of some needle nose pliers, would house my charms and give my right wrist that bit of class it so needed tout de suite.