One of my brilliant friends, had the brilliant idea, to throw a brilliant theme response, I created this lovely get up, which not only made me thematic, but also allowed me to wear my unitard in public (#mostcomfortablethingintheworld)...should you find yourself in need of a disco modified unitard of your very own, I've got a D.I.Y ditty for ya right here:

Shopping List:
American Apparel Unitard
Sparkly Thrift Store Shirt
Needle & Thread
Tiny Disco Ball
American Apparel Headband
Glue Gun
Two Plastic Jewels
One Tiny Disco Ball

ONE: The Flares
1A) Find yourself a sparkly shirt with stretchy sleeves
1B) Cut the sleeves off the shirt at the shoulder
1C) Cut the seam of the sleeve and cut a large 'v' out of the remaining fabric of the shirt. Keeping the wrist of the fabric sleeve intact
1D) Sew the open seam and large fabric 'v' together, repeat on the opposite side of the sleeve leg
1E) Repeat all steps to create the flare for the opposite leg

TWO: The Headband
2A) Find yourself a headband or purchase one from American Apparel
2B) Using a piece of foam, cut out the letters DISCO. Hot glue fabric from your sparkly shirt onto the foam to cover it. Use fabric paint to clean up the sides of each letter and hot glue plastic jewels on the 'D' and 'O'
2C) Sew the decorated letters onto the headband

THREE: The Disco Necklace 
3A) Cut three strips of fabric from your sparkly shirt
3B) Braid the strips together
3C) Sew your tiny disco ball onto the center of the braid