There was a negative comment on Twig & Thistle’s For Japan With Love post, which got me thinking. Is it as helpful to purchase something in support of a charity or relief effort that requires production, payment, postage then donation? Or is it better to donate straight to the source? Especially when it is a matter of timeliness. 

I am not sure if the Twig & Thistle commenter was just innocently ignorant about the purpose of For Japan With Love, or if some people actually feel they can only donate if they receive something in return.

Of course, for every monetary donation, one receives a tax credit, so it can be claimed against your income, and technically you benefit – and of course, people creating products to support any charity or cause is a great thing, most of us out shopping for something we need, will purchase the one that may cost more, but supports a charity or cause, given the choice.

For example, the last time I visited my one of my fav London restaurant Wachacha, they had two meal options that supported charity Ednica, which helps educate street kids in Mexico City, so, instead of getting my ‘usual’, I ordered one of the meals that supported the charity. But that wasn’t me being charitable; I was going to spend my money in that restaurant anyway. Technically, it is the restaurant, not me, being philanthropic .

I suppose, support is support, regardless of how it comes, and if a donation or charity purchase goes towards the cause, it will be nothing but helpful. 

So, to show my support to both types of charity, here are some great goodies that support Japan’s Disaster Relief