Since disaster hit Japan, everyday on the London Underground, new, heartbreaking images of the devastation fill the first few pages of the Metro Newspaper. And as I fight the need to cry and struggle with the reality of how quickly life can change in the blink of an eye, I realize that nothing really could be worse than being there dealing with all of the destruction on top of the loss of loved ones.
So instead of blogging about the things we want this Friday, we should all join in to blog about what Japan needs, and that is the charitable love of people coming together to help out.
Which is why Lydia from Ever Ours and Henry and Lucinda from Utterly Engaged created FOR JAPAN WITH LOVE, it’s easy to participate, just make a donation and encourage your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to take part. You can also have your place of work join in by getting them to match their employee’s donations, which is what the fashion company I work for has agreed to do.