I know that fashionably speaking, it is currently the Spring Summer season and that I should ‘buy now (to) wear later’ but as the London fog seeps into my once resilient Canadian bones, I can’t help but dream of warm things to layer upon my frigid frame.

Since September, I have been eyeing fur tippets, waiting for the right one to reach out and grab me. But in all these freezing months of winter, neither the high street or charity shops have offered me anything of substance.
Anorexic tippets are a plenty, but well fed fat juicy lusciously furry tippets seem to be hidden from my reach, only to pass buy me on the streets of Shoreditch around some stylish girls collar, taunting me with its splendour.

I have found a few promising looking tippets online, but I am nervous to purchase a thing of such beauty without being able to touch it first, fur doesn’t travel well, not even fantasy fur, and the last thing I want is to be stuck with a tippet that looks like a piece of mangled road kill.

I never thought purchasing an accessory could require such skill and patience. But then, when I was just about ready to give up, I saw it, a luscious looking well fed tippet with the added bonus of a fantastic bow, laid becomingly across a lovely coat....and as I felt my body well up with excitement and anticipation, reality set in, the reality that this tippet was spotted as I wandered the stalls of Florence, Italy’s Pitti Bimbo Tradeshow (fashion week for kidswear), and this was, in fact, a coat for children....(*que the sad trombone wah-wah-waaaooo sound of cartoon failure)    

Even if I squeezed myself into a size 12 year and convinced the judgey wudgeys of the world that ¾ length sleeves was in fact THE NEW LOOK for the season, I would still have to wait until at least August of this year to get my hands on it, as the coat is part of Simonetta’s Aw11 Children’s collection and I have neither pull nor the shoplifting skills to get my hands on it now, which is when I want it most.
So, I implore you, minimal readers of my blog, if you have or ever do set your eyes on a tippet (or full coat) like this, or if you know where to purchase a great tippet online (I can add the bow myself) please advise me, and I shall reward you with a single English Tuppence circa 1969 alongside my never ending gratitude.

The Tippet of My Dreams...in pre-pubescent size