When I was in Grade 2, I used to have sleepovers with my gaggle of little girlfriends, all of which had their own combination of braces, retainers and headgear. I was the only one, the stereotypical sleepover hair braiding and movies, that didn’t get to suit up in teeth correcting gear. (*que the small violin)
My lack of dental apparel was, of course, because my parents had arranged with their chromosomes to give me lovely straight teeth. But to make up for feeling left out in the ‘metal mouth’ departments, I used to shape paperclips on top of my teeth, attach them to pipecleaners then the pipecleaners to a headband to create that oh so appealing pre teen look I longed for.To this day, whenever I see any kind of head gear, headbands and headdresses included, I get a little bit excited for an excuse to dress up my general facial region.
There are many types of head apparel I enjoy, toques and earmuffs included, but nothing warms me up more than the hippie-dippie, festival-friendly, summer-lovin’ pieces like the following little wonders and joys: