Horizontal stripes, and stripes in general, have long been a iffy in the fashion world, especially for those who are not built like the 5’10 gazelles of the non-animal variety whose only vocation is to prance up and down the runways with their glazed eyes and pouting lips, but when I opened my February issue of British Vogue, I was shocked and dismayed to see their first editorial page covered in horizontal stripes and along with it the suggestion that such stripes have the power to “sculpt, slim and stretch the body”. They were, of course, talking about stripes in general, but regardless, stripes of any kind have never been the most flattering of objects to prance around in...or all are they?

The images that accompanied said article were cut outs of the previously mentioned gazelles in their oh-so-expensive and well styled outfits, but I have to say, them’ horizontal stripes, styled properly, just might actually “sculpt, slim and stretch the body” in just the right way, for gazelles and dwarfs alike.

Colourwise, adding a rainbow of diagonal, horizontal, vertical or smudged stripes into ones spring summer wardrobe, especially one like mine that tends to drift towards the more neutral and pastel colours of the wheel,  just might inject a little fun and add that long awaited ‘spring’ to my step.

The colour blocking trend we’ve also been ordered to follow may not suit the average girl’s wardrobe - but colourful stripes (mixed with more subtle tones) just might.

The wonderful thing about the ‘striped look’ is that it can also transcend into any wardrobe style, from classic to boho, there are so many ways to wear the look it is an easy trend for anyone to follow.

Here are my favourite attainables and unattainables thus far...