Alongside the Delaware River on the edge of Philly, is a factory of sorts. 

This factory, unlike most factories, does not house burly men in grease stained white tees, instead, a group of creative little elves set to work every weekday morning to inspire those with a more Bohemian frame of mind.
                                                                                                                                                               Ignoring the seasonal ‘rules’ of the runway and concentrating instead on original and creative inspirations, the team never fails to create the perfect season by season wardrobe for those who love their fashion musings as much as they do their cultural joys.

The brand I speak so highly about is Free People, who have been especially inspirational this season with their amazing photoshoot in Paris.

This shoot encompassed everything romantic about the Parisian lifestlye: the impeccably styled but effortless look, the bicycles, the food, the balcony, the market flowers, the charming French man, and most of all, the un wavering confidence French women seem to born with.

Here are my style inspirations, oh, and Paris (of the non-Hilton variety), Je t’aime!